Daniel McCaffrey

At the Eastern Gate   Lint
Collected Poems
Third Leap
the Sun
A Moslem Librarian
A Jewish Trader and an Irish Monk
travel from Andalusia to the Volga in 800 AD They arrive in the Kingdom of Kazan.
Where a momentous decision is made.

Fifty Years of Poems

  Parables and fables
and fairytales.
The answers to some of the momentous questions of the ages.
And all down to cats and leprechauns
  For 80,000 years humanity lived in utter poverty, 200 years ago in the Third Leap
all that changed and the modern world of prosperity began,
This book explains the how, when and where of that event.
  A look at Horticulture in the World.
I was the writer for the book
Done for the International Society of Horticultural Scientists in Brussells

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